going, going, GONE

You made me  feel sad today. And I know I’ll still be sad tomorrow, and yes, it’s all because of you.

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Your kisses

Always, Mark. Always.

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I don’t like remembering. Remembering makes me feel things. I don’t like feeling things.

I don’t like the way you make me feel when I reminisce our memories and what we used to be. I don’t like what I feel whenever we’re together.

M, we were once intersecting lines but we drifted apart. Which is really sad, ergo, depressing. :(

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It is 2:09 in the morning

and i have a hunger in the

pit of my stomach

that can only be satisfied

with the pure knowledge

that you, dear, might

be aching for me too

my doors may be closed
but i keep seeing you through my windows
and i am afraid
that you could break in anytime
like how you’ve always did

but maybe
just maybe
i want you to

And you know what is the saddest, most tragic and heartbreaking part in all of this? It’s not when you told me that everything was a mistake that I was a mistake, not every single thing you said before you left, not the part that I was so unworthy of anything that you deprived me of even the truth on why you were leaving, nor the mere fact that you left me in agonizingly million pieces on the cold, hard ground.

The worst part is that despite all of those, even after everything you’ve said and done, as heartbreakingly naive and ludicrous as this sounds — I still love you, like the very first moment I realized that I feel that way for you. I still love you like I have never been hurt… like you have never hurt me before. I still love you even though you don’t (can’t) feel the same way anymore.

Hello, Mark. I know so much things had changed, especially between you and I, but I’m not quite sure if I am ready to surrender myself to that  fact yet.

But when I am, I hope all is well.

- Alyssa

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